Photo Scavenger Hunt #22 – Interjection – Wow! / Conclusion

Hunter’s notes: Wildfire at Silver Dollar City in Branson.  That’s me looking at the camera miming “wow”.  Thanks Anne for the shot!

Photo Scavenger Hunt Conclusion:  Overall, I think this went pretty well.  In the end I only missed four out of 23 of the words generated for the scavenger hunt, putting me at 82.6% completion.  I did not come up with an entry for Predicted, Sufficient, Rosewood, and Gristliest.  I should have gotten sufficient and gristliest.  Rosewood and Predicted are obviously a bit tough.

Overall, I think the photos, in terms of interestingness, composition, and colors were pretty average for my abilities, skill set, and available technology.  A few of them (like the rejected entries for coin and the submissions for connubial and perverseness) really stood out for me and I really like; a few others (like stakeout and flesh) I absolutely hate and would not ever have posted outside of this project.  Overall, if I had to judge my own photography in relation to all the other photographs I’ve posted, I’d put these smack dab at average.  I’ll call it an even 70%.

Final self-evaluated grade for this project: 76.3%

This post is part of a series of photos taken for a photo scavenger hunt I created for myself.  For more information and to see the rules of the hunt, please see this post. To view all my submissions for this Photo Scavenger Hunt, please click here.

2 comments to Photo Scavenger Hunt #22 – Interjection – Wow! / Conclusion

  • anne

    Dang, what did you do to this picture to make it comprehensible? I didn’t think any of these came out!

  • … basically just fixed the curves and upped the saturation on green and yellow channels.

    The shadows are probably way too low, but in some ways it helps the composition with the super dark top-left and light bottom right. After reading all that Advanced Black and White book, I regret not treating this as a B&W. The contrast would’ve worked great with it.


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