Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals EPILOGUE

I was at work when the baby cardinals left the nest, but the ever-amazing Anne Gresham was able to get these amazing photos of them as they were learning to fly in the backyard.


7 comments to Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals EPILOGUE

  • Pat

    Awesome shots from Anne! The little guys grew up so fast!

  • Stacy

    Great shots of the entire process by both of you. Even as fledglings, they’re still not very pretty, are they? We’re proud of our Great Grandbirds!

  • Anne

    Just for clarification’s sake, Chris’s camera is nice enough that running out to the backyard and holding down the shutter for two hours will pretty much guarantee a nice shot or two (out of hundreds) – Chris was the one who went through the massive photo set and fixed up the redeemable pictures, which requires considerably more skill!

  • Chris

    Aw, p’shaw Anne, you know you rocked these photos! Great job!

  • Lanna

    Squee! I love the super-ugly-but-kind-of-cute baby bird stage! Really like that second shot.

  • Gwen

    Pure magic–what a wonderful story in pictures!

  • Jerry

    Wow, great shots.

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