The cardinal babies were born last night!

I heard them start peepin’ at about 4:30 in the morning. ¬†They were totally silent this morning and when I got home from work, so I thought I had dreamed it until Claudia flew away and I was able to sneak up there to take a peek.

All three eggs hatched, but two seemed much more active than the other one and apparently thought the clicking of shutter meant they were about to be fed.



Hang in there, #3! The first day is the hardest!

2 comments to The cardinal babies were born last night!

  • Pat

    Aww! So little and blind. Hope #3 perks up. So weird that you woke up and heard them.

  • Stacy

    Congratulations on the births of our great grandbirds! We’ll be pulling for #3. We’re still looking for our first tanagers of the seasons, but it’s a bit early. Only one hummer has shown up, and that only briefly.

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