Porch Friends 2012 – Northern Cardinal

Spring has brought a lot of new Porch Friends(tm) around!

Here’s our messy (but cozy!) front porch.


Why, what’s that in the little decorative lantern thing we got from a dearly missed friend?





Well I’ll be!  It’s a nesting Northern Cardinal!




After I got that close, she flew off to a nearby branch and gave me the most intimidating look a bird has ever given a human.





And then began calling for her companion, who promptly swooped in to the rescue.





But, he didn’t quite understand what the issue was, and left.

I followed him a little bit, and when he noticed my incessant snapping of photos, he gave me a shitty look and promptly flew off.




Anyway, it’s hard to get a shot into the lady’s nest, but it looks like she’s got three eggs.  She’s been sitting since last week (3/27/12), which means she should be due tomorrow (12 days later- 4/8/12)!



Good luck, Claudia the Cardinal! Plowerhouse those little BB cardinals. We believe in ya!



1 comment to Porch Friends 2012 – Northern Cardinal

  • Ooooh! Bebe birds! I never thought about what a pregnant bird looks like, but it’s deliciously fat. I’m glad they’re in the old lantern. So glad I didn’t throw that away! Great pictures.

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