Porch friends: honeybees

We’ve made a lot of new friends recently at the hummingbird feeders on our front porch.  We named them Jacob,  Ethan,  Michael,  Jayden,  William,  Alexander,  Noah,  Daniel,  Aiden,  Anthony,  Joshua,  Mason,  Christopher,  Andrew,  David,  Matthew,  Logan,  Elijah,  James,  Joseph,  Gabriel,  Benjamin,  Ryan,  Samuel,  Jackson,  John,  Nathan,  Jonathan,  Christian,  Liam,  Dylan,  Landon,  Caleb,  Tyler,  Lucas,  Evan,  Gavin,  Nicholas,  Isaac,  Brayden,  Luke,  Angel,  Brandon,  Jack,  Isaiah,  Jordan,  Owen,  Carter,  Connor,  Justin,  Jose,  Jeremiah,  Julian,  Robert,  Aaron,  Adrian,  Wyatt,  Kevin,  Hunter,  Cameron,  Zachary,  Thomas,  Charles,  Austin,  Eli,  Chase,  Henry,  Sebastian,  Jason,  Levi,  Xavier,  Ian,  Colton,  Dominic,  Juan,  Cooper,  Josiah,  Luis,  Ayden,  Carson,  Adam,  Nathaniel,  Brody,  Tristan,  Diego,  Parker,  Blake,  Oliver,  Cole,  Carlos,  Jaden,  Jesus,  Alex,  Aidan,  Eric,  Hayden,  Bryan,  Max,  Jaxon, and  Brian.

2 comments to Porch friends: honeybees

  • Benji

    Did you choose all boys names because they’re all girls?

  • Chris

    ^Why, yes, that’s exactly what happened.
    Not that I’m an idiot and thought that all worker bees were male… They’re just a really gender-bending, progressive troupe.

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