Midsummer’s Night Barbecue

It was great to see Benji, et. al., last week.  So good, in fact, that we made a couple of beer can chickens to celebrate.  Eaten outdoors, of course, in true summer bbq fashion.

July 21 Harvest


  • Cherry tomatoes:45
  • med./lg. tomatoes: 21
  • red bell peppers: 6
  • green bell peppers: 3
  • jalepenos: 2
  • Poblano peppers: 1
  • habeneros: 6
Also in this photo: kale– going stronger than ever in the garden after I thinned out all the weeds!
Unfortunately my tomato plants seem to have developed early blight, so the harvest is thinning out/rotting on the vine.  Also why I pulled the above tomatoes before ripe– if they get at all ripe, they just start to rot from lack of shade.  Looks like I’m about to forget about any semblance of “organic” (everything has been until now!), since I’d rather have tomatoes than not.  Hardcore fungicide here I come!  The heat is trying to kill all my peppers, but they’re still going strong with lots of watering– each plant has at least 8 baby-peps starting to fill in!

summer dinner

Why, hello.

Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Silver Spotted Skippers

Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus)

female eastern tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus)

Silver spotted skipper (Epargyreus clarus)


Porch friends: honeybees

We’ve made a lot of new friends recently at the hummingbird feeders on our front porch.  We named them Jacob,  Ethan,  Michael,  Jayden,  William,  Alexander,  Noah,  Daniel,  Aiden,  Anthony,  Joshua,  Mason,  Christopher,  Andrew,  David,  Matthew,  Logan,  Elijah,  James,  Joseph,  Gabriel,  Benjamin,  Ryan,  Samuel,  Jackson,  John,  Nathan,  Jonathan,  Christian,  Liam,  Dylan,  Landon,  Caleb,  Tyler,  Lucas,  Evan,  Gavin,  Nicholas,  Isaac,  Brayden,  Luke,  Angel,  Brandon,  Jack,  Isaiah,  Jordan,  Owen,  Carter,  Connor,  Justin,  Jose,  Jeremiah,  Julian,  Robert,  Aaron,  Adrian,  Wyatt,  Kevin,  Hunter,  Cameron,  Zachary,  Thomas,  Charles,  Austin,  Eli,  Chase,  Henry,  Sebastian,  Jason,  Levi,  Xavier,  Ian,  Colton,  Dominic,  Juan,  Cooper,  Josiah,  Luis,  Ayden,  Carson,  Adam,  Nathaniel,  Brody,  Tristan,  Diego,  Parker,  Blake,  Oliver,  Cole,  Carlos,  Jaden,  Jesus,  Alex,  Aidan,  Eric,  Hayden,  Bryan,  Max,  Jaxon, and  Brian.

Porch friends: juvenile cardinal







Two fantastic years!

We celebrated our two year anniversary with a traditional staring contest.  I won blinking, but forfeited laughing.





7/17/11 Harvest Set

7/7 Harvest

7/11 Harvest

7/16 Harvest



  • Cherry tomatoes: 43
  • med./lg. tomatoes: 18
  • red bell peppers: 4
  • green bell peppers: 3
  • jalepenos: 2
  • Poblano peppers: 1
  • habeneros: 1


7/4/2011 harvest


  • Cherry tomatoes: 23
  • med./lg. tomatoes: 13
  • red bell peppers: 1
  • green bell peppers: 3
  • jalepenos: 1
  • Poblano peppers: 1

I tossed that herb wrap into a Leftovers Stew from all the fourth of july leavings (see previous post).


Fourth of July

beer can chicken

bottles of modelo especial

beer can chicken black and white

armadillo eggs and seitan kebabs

fourth of july food

long exposure sparkler star

long exposure

bottles and cans recycling bin

Thanks to Amy and Justin for the seitan kebabs, Nick and Margie for the meat and veggie kebabs, Julia for the awesome photo idea (the penultimate photo above), and everyone for coming out– seventeen people!


6/29 Harvest


  • Cherry tomatoes: 17
  • med./lg. tomatoes: 8
  • red bell peppers: 1
  • green bell peppers: 3
  • jalepenos: 1

in this photo: sweet peas are lookin’ good!