Crimson Rosella

These were always around our cabin in Dean’s Marsh. ┬áJuveniles have green wings.

Crimson Rosella


Bush hike near Dean’s Marsh



Night sky above Dean’s Marsh, Australia

Prince Jackson on his Litter

Small town Victoria, Australia

Cockatoos in flight

Further reading: sulphur crested cockatoo.

Gull 1

A Tower of Jones 2

Angus’s Sunflower

A Tower of Jones

Underwater Friends in Port Phillips, Australia: Leafy Sea Dragon, Puffer Fish, jellyfish

Seals in Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia

Further reading: Port Phillip | Australian Fur Seal | “Chinaman’s Hat”

New Year’s Day in Australia with Mary

New Year’s Eve BBQ in Australia

Best Summer/New Year’s Drink Ever.

Not sure of the exact proportions, but contains vodka, tonic, ginger syrup, cucumbers, and limes.

Elyot and Anne – New Years Eve 2010