Fayetteville LGBTQ Parade 2010 – Best Of…

View the full gallery here (150 photos)

View the full gallery here (150 photos).

Gently weeping

Organic Tomatoes (nom nom nom)


Suspended photosynthesis


Spider trapped in a lens flare

Explanatory Note:  I was attempting to photograph a spider and its web in extremely low light using manual focus.  The spider itself is in front of the light  on the left hand side of the photograph (a streetlight about 100 yards away) with its web emanating out from that light.  The prominent image of the spider on the right is formed from the lens flare on the camera– basically a shadow within the lens flare.  This could only happen at the exact distance, focal length, and ambient lighting conditions, so even though it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing picture, it’s a one-in-a-million shot.

Night Lake


[video] Stop Motion Animation – Wakeboarding

You take your car to work…

Photo Recipe: Stuffed Jalepenos

Recipe courtesy of Cindy and Don

Two Candles



Night Walk

Let’s go. #2FA

Garden as of June 4, 2010

Two Frame Animation: Memorial Day Rockband

Two Frame Animation: Candlewater