Jackson and Elyot’s birthday


A fictional horror story from the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas

But first a ridiculous .gif…


Insert your own Crypt Keeper voice…















Eureka Springs 2012 – Part 1

Anne’s Sandcastle

Vickie Kay – Part 2 (animated)

An animated gif of a male human erupting from the sandy earth of Pensacola and then returning to that earth, only to erupt again.  In some ways this animated gif acts as a metaphor of a phoenix, which itself is a metaphor for the human condition.  This animated gif is a metaphor for the human condition.

Vickie Kay – Part 1

A human male is buried in the sand; an alcoholic beverage rests near his head in a coozie that reads "The Bro Palace".


A beach consumes a human.

New York, 2011






Christmas dogs 2011










Christmas presents for Carrie






Prince Jackson on his Litter

A Tower of Jones 2

A Tower of Jones

New Year’s Day in Australia with Mary

Elyot and Anne – New Years Eve 2010

1968 Mercedes 280 se

(Sister Carrie’s awesome Christmas present… only 60,000 miles!)

Australia Day 5 – Station St. and Barbecue (25 Photos)

UPDATE: the gallery isn’t uploading properly for some reason.  Too exhausted and full of kangaroo meat to figure it out right now.  You can click through and view the photos in a clunky manner until it gets fixed.  Sorry.

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Australia – Day 2 – Christmas Day 2010 (84 Photos)

Click on the photos or click here to view the full gallery.  (84 photos)

Richard Parker – October, 2010