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[video] Cardinal mother and father feed their babies

I had to go to work and didn’t get to see the last two baby cardinals fledge this morning, but I was able to grab this video of them getting a nice pre-fledging meal from their parents!


[Video] Baby Cardinal Leaves Nest for the First Time

A second set of cardinals nested in the decorative lantern on our front porch (thanks, Amy!) You can see the daily progression of the first set of cardinals here.

Here is a video of the first of the baby cardinals fledging taken 6/12/12 in Fayetteville, AR.

Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals EPILOGUE

I was at work when the baby cardinals left the nest, but the ever-amazing Anne Gresham was able to get these amazing photos of them as they were learning to fly in the backyard.


Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals Day 10 – Fledging Day



And then, suddenly, they were gone.



Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals Day 9

They’re starting to overflow the nest, and are definitely unwilling to pose for any more pictures.

Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals SPECIAL FEATURE: Meet the Parents


This guy has been a fantastic dad.  He not only brings the chicks and their mother all sorts of bugs and grubs to munch on all day long, he’s never out of earshot and comes swooping in as soon as a giant human climbs up on the railing to screw with his kids.

The real star of the show has been Claudia, though.  She is plopped on her brood day and night and only leaves for a few minutes at a time, and then only to go find them more food, without so much as a playstation 3 to bide her time.

Congrats, cardinals!  Hope your next batch is this successful!



Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals Day 8


The little guys are starting to overflow their nest.  Now that they can see, they have apparently decided that they do not like me one bit and hunker down instead of blindly (and sickeningly–see previous post) beg for food.  Their feathers are coming in nicely, though, and they’re (according to my personal reference librarian) all set to fledge in just a few days!


Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals Day 7


The baby cardinals are one week old and getting more and more precious by the second.  Just look at those cute little peepers that are wide open as of today!  Not to mention all the new feathers and horrible, horrible little neck veins!



Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals Day 6








Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Caridnals Day 5

Front Porch Friends – Cardinal Babies Day 4


Their Primary Feathers have started coming in nicely!  Thanks wife-bro Anne for filling me in that those horrid looking ebony spikes are Primary Feathers!

Good night little ones! I’m glad your eyeballs are starting to fit the size of your face (but still not there yet).



Front Porch Friends(tm) – Baby Cardinals Day 3


I’m proud to report that #3 is alive and well (and hideous and hungry).

They’re all still quite sleepy, though.





Front Porch Friends(tm): Baby Cardinals Day 2!


The cardinal babies were born last night!

I heard them start peepin’ at about 4:30 in the morning.  They were totally silent this morning and when I got home from work, so I thought I had dreamed it until Claudia flew away and I was able to sneak up there to take a peek.

All three eggs hatched, but two seemed much more active than the other one and apparently thought the clicking of shutter meant they were about to be fed.



Hang in there, #3! The first day is the hardest!

Porch Friends 2012 – Northern Cardinal

Spring has brought a lot of new Porch Friends(tm) around!

Here’s our messy (but cozy!) front porch.


Why, what’s that in the little decorative lantern thing we got from a dearly missed friend?





Well I’ll be!  It’s a nesting Northern Cardinal!




After I got that close, she flew off to a nearby branch and gave me the most intimidating look a bird has ever given a human.





And then began calling for her companion, who promptly swooped in to the rescue.





But, he didn’t quite understand what the issue was, and left.

I followed him a little bit, and when he noticed my incessant snapping of photos, he gave me a shitty look and promptly flew off.




Anyway, it’s hard to get a shot into the lady’s nest, but it looks like she’s got three eggs.  She’s been sitting since last week (3/27/12), which means she should be due tomorrow (12 days later- 4/8/12)!



Good luck, Claudia the Cardinal! Plowerhouse those little BB cardinals. We believe in ya!



Porch friends: juvenile cardinal







Crimson Rosella

These were always around our cabin in Dean’s Marsh.  Juveniles have green wings.

Crimson Rosella

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