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Tontitown Grape Festival









DEAL WITH IT. (In real life)

If you aren’t familiar with the “DEAL WITH IT” meme, you probably won’t get this.  Go read this to better understand what this is about.

We also made a whole set featuring some Fayetteville-bros.  To see all of them (below the fold) click here.

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Photo Scavenger Hunt #19 – Common Verb – Add

This post is part of a series of photos taken for a photo scavenger hunt I created for myself.  For more information and to see the rules of the hunt, please see this post.

Rusty Bumper

Post drizzle


Night Lake

Photo Recipe: Stuffed Jalepenos

Recipe courtesy of Cindy and Don



Let’s go. #2FA

Two Frame Animation: Memorial Day Rockband

Two Frame Animation: Candlewater

B3nj1 H@rdy: crybaby

Click here for full size (it’s worth it)

Also, B., please notice that I used a less googleable spelling of your name so your potential employers won’t see this.



Two Frame Animation – Business End

Two Frame Animation – Affirmative

Two Frame Animation – Goodbye Lost